Been invited for a video interview?

You’ve applied for your dream job, you spent time making sure your CV and cover letter were perfect and you’ve received an email to say you have been short listed, great! You read further down the email and see that you have been asked to complete a video interview as the first stage of the recruitment process. Does this fill you with dread or can you take this in your stride?

Video interviewing is becoming an increasingly popular part of recruitment processes. This is partly down to the fact that the current job market is very much candidate lead, meaning roles posted on job boards and social media are often receiving hundreds of applications. It’s also a cost effective and time efficient way for hiring managers and recruiters to screen their candidates, particularly when locations may differ and the alternative option is added travel time and cost for the candidate attending a face-to-face interview. Therefore, introducing a video interview can make all the different to the process for both you the candidate and the hiring manager.

Why do hiring managers want you to complete video interviews?

Well, it allows them to shortlist candidates based on more than just a CV (which they will have received loads of). Employers are looking for new hires who fit with the culture of the business, they want you to believe in their values and display their behaviours, as this in turn will lead to increased levels of engagement, productivity and retention in their workforce. Using a video interview step allows a hiring manage to look at skills, experience, personality and communication in a much less time consuming way than arranging face-to-face interviews with every candidate.

So, there are benefits to the hiring manager of video interviewing, but what’s in it for you?

It’s a great way to get your personality across and to show off your communication skills. This will really set your application aside from all others as not only will you have your CV which outlines all your skills and experience, the hiring manager will now also be able to see how you answer and react to questions which are important to the role. As a candidate having a video interview as the first stage will allow you to research what is important to the company, record your answers when it’s convenient for you and saves you from travelling for a first stage interview. In addition, video interviews ensure a fair process for you, as all candidates will be asked the same questions and have the same time to answer these meaning a consistent process is followed.

How to prepare for your video interview.

The first piece of advice I would give is to take a deep breath and relax. I know that this is easier said than done, however your body language will come across to the hiring manager. Ensure what you are wearing reflects the dresscode of the company, do they require their people to wear suits or do they prefer to be less formal? Try not to over think your answers, you usually only have a minute or two to answer each question, so in depth answers aren’t required. Usually, I find your first answer is always the best! The environment that you complete the interview in does need some consideration, although one of the benefits of video interviewing is you can do it at a time and location convenient to you, remember to make sure the back drop is appropriate.

If you would like the opportunity to practice a Shine video interview contact Steph or Heather, this could be the key to landing your perfect role.

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Heather McCready

Heather McCready

Talent Acquisition Coordinator