Calling all Corporates, PLC’s and Medium-sized Enterprises… If you could outsource anything in your recruitment process – what would it be?

Have you or are you a recruitment team with multiples BAU roles to recruit, strategy to write and deliver, plans to execute, Hiring Managers to support, stakeholders MI to report and their engagement to consider…and what about future talent initiatives, engaging talent banking solutions and Hiring Manager training?  Apprenticeship and Graduates?  New contracts requiring brilliant people? Assessment Centres to implement and run?


With an amazing team, I have had all the above on my To Do list – along with a million additional focuses which ‘slipped’ onto my desk on a daily basis.

What is the saying again? – ‘What is the best way to eat an elephant?’ – Ok, so the reality of actually consuming an elephant is both illegal and damn right wrong however, it does help visualise the huge, mammoth (or elephant) workloads some recruitment teams have and it often becomes a balancing act to ensure nothing slips through the net.

So if you could choose?

As a former internal Head of Recruitment, I knew the areas where myself and my team could add the most value.  I knew what would contribute to the direction of the business and people strategy.  I knew what would develop our internal proposition, along with attracting and engaging the very best people to aid the business to grow.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing… so what about outsourcing? 

There are standard processes, which are essential to get right but are transactional.

They need time, commitment, attention to detail, investment and…love.  However, they may fall to the bottom of the massive elephant To Do list.

Processes such as –

  • Candidate management
  • Reference and security checking
  • Managing an effective and continuously engaged Careers and social media presence
  • PSL management and invoicing
  • Conducting and report findings from Exit interviews
  • Assessment Centre design and facilitation
  • Graduate and Apprentice recruitment campaigns
  • Outplacement support for transitioning internal talent
  • Implementing technology and systems into Recruitment
  • Recruitment analytics

What are the options?

Outsource it!  Find a credible, experienced and highly efficient Recruitment team who can take care of it on your behalf.  Have strong SLA’s, thorough reporting metrics and appoint someone internally to be the escalation point.

The Recruitment team can then focus and deliver the strategic value.


SEAO Talent Partners – in-house experts


Find out more about how SEAO Talent Partners has supported with Recruitment Process Outsourcing on our latest case study.

Contact Sam on 0191 211 1470, via email or connect on LinkedIn.


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Listen to our associated podcast, Explaining Recruitment Process Outsourcing.


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Sam Wall

Sam Wall

Founder and Director