The adventure of a lifetime.

About Us

How to summarise Day 8? Fundamentally, we bring to market products that may only last a week, but remain with our guests for a lifetime. Whether dancing down the Dalmatian Coast on a catamaran filled with friends, embracing the early hours to make first tracks on the mountain, sitting down to indulge in a mountain banquet with a few hundred like-minded people, or riding shotgun on the adventure road trip of a lifetime; rest assured, you won’t be forgetting us or our brands in a hurry.

We are dedicated to ensuring every facet of our identity, our guests and our employees are unified in their outlook. Whether you’re an explorer who doubles as a dance floor dominator, or are currently trapped in the confines of a 9-5 and looking for a job that breathes a little more life into its team; we appeal to the inquisitive, the out-going adventure instigators and those who don’t let distance stand in the way of friendships, new or old.

Come curious. Come open-minded. Come as yourself. Welcome to the community changing the essence of travel.
Day 8 Experiences Ltd is the company behind The Yacht Week, The Ski Week, OH!SO, Fort George and Quarterdeck; since our start in 2006 we have taken on board more than 70,000 guests from over 100 countries and established a truly global community of travellers from all paths of life.

The head office in London, UK is run by a team of highly skilled and passionate individuals who put making friends and exploring the world at the heart of everything they do.

Our vision is to create extraordinary experiences that spread joy, spark an appreciation for our planet and inspire curious people to become part of our global family.

Brand Values


The active pursuit of spreading happiness

We’re young at heart, and our entrepreneurial spirit is what drives us. We’re enthusiastic and positive, we’re ambitious and dynamic, but more than anything we’re fun. Seeking and sharing happiness is how our story began and remains central to who we are, what we do and how we act.


A desire to explore the world, embrace the unknown and discover a better version of yourself

Adventurers and renegades, we’re the people challenged by the ‘what if…?’ We seek out new places, explore new ways of thinking and embrace change at every step of our journey. Done? We’re never done.


Foster genuine friendships and grow our global family

We’re a family. Community focused and collaborative, our people are the heart of what we do. We’re from many different places, we all have different backgrounds and bring different perspectives to our tribe, but we’re united by a shared world view. Think you share it too? Welcome to the family.


Strive to recognise and act on the responsibilities you have towards everyone and everything on your path

If our passion is the experience, our ambition is that it lives on beyond us. We have a responsibility to the places we go and the people we meet, not just to recognise the impact we make, but to act upon it. Our conscience threads through our teams, our workplaces, our events and our community.


Always go above and beyond to give and get the best experience possible

We exist to create the extraordinary, and nothing will stop us. Got a challenge? We’ll rise to it. It’s our unfaltering passion that drives us to constantly build on our best, to simplify the dysfunctional and make every single interaction seamlessly exceptional. It’s in our DNA.

Where you'll be working


Join us on the adventure of a lifetime and enjoy:
· Group bonus scheme
· Cool office space
· Creative brainstorm hours
· International travel
· Real strong coffee
· Thirsty Thursdays
· Beer fridge Fridays
· Eligibility to participate in a private health scheme
· International and diverse office featuring employees with impressive bios

Meet the Team

We are 30+ people who appreciate humour, good food, great friends, music, travel - obviously, beautiful design, quality code, a friendly work atmosphere and believe passionately in the spirit of adventure. Find out more about our team members here.

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