From Corporate to Start-Up – why I decided to take the leap

Well I did it…I decided to bite the bullet and leave a fabulous business to do something for myself. Something new, something slightly risky…but something for my family…the future of my family.

Leading an in-house recruitment team has provided me with such an insight into business, that I believe that what I’ve been able to achieve could definitely work for other businesses also embarking upon substantial change.

I have experienced huge mergers, acquisitions, a massive financial buy out process as well as proactively contributing to a business developing and emerging into something quite spectacular. I am proud. I am proud to have had such an amazing opportunity, worked with some highly driven individuals who have supported my development (you know who you are) and grown such a fabulously robust and forward thinking recruitment team.

So the future is clear – the standards are set and I’m ready to go.

I have identified my team and they are good! All in-house professionals with the understanding of what quality and service looks like. They speak and empathise with businesses – no sales techniques – no ‘give me a placement fee and I’ll go away’ – it’s all based on partnerships, loyalty, brilliance and added value.

And I believe we can do it.

So we build our company values – not our sales strategy – that will come and it will be based on organic relationships and referrals. These values will keep us grounded. Allow us to truly all pull together to make sure we stay true. We agree on –

Lead the way – for our clients and candidates, for the recruitment industry and for our families and loved ones

Partner with passion – demonstrate we love what we do and are good at it. Only partner – opposed to deliver a transaction – to add real value to businesses and candidates. To take full accountability for the growth and support of all those we work with.

Inspire brilliance – push ourselves and others forward. What’s the next step in recruitment technology? What do we need to do to recruit and retain the very best talent for the businesses we engage with? What can candidates truly do to make themselves stand out in a crowd – how do we at SEAO Talent Partners ensure they are enlightened and appropriately supported?

Be unique – stay true and not become a corporate clone. Difference is what stands us apart and I am proud we all bring something different to the table. I want my daughters to know – difference is good. Standout, be bold when necessary – that’s the only way things will move forward.

So here we are in week 3 of our doors being fully open at SEAO. Our values are embedded, our pride is high and we have had such amazing support so far. We are ready everyone…come and find out more!

SEAO Talent Partners:

S – Strategy

E – End to End Integrated Recruitment

A – Assessment Centres

O – Outplacement

Integrated Talent Acquisition Partners who inspire business change.

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Sam Wall

Sam Wall

Founder and Director