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In the past six months since we launched SEAO we are proud to have grown our team by 50%. Starting out as a foursome, we welcomed Heather into our tribe in February and then at the end of last month, Stephanie joined us. Both ladies have brought something new and exciting to the SEAO concept and are the epitome of our values (Lead the way, Partner with passion, Inspire brilliance and Be unique) – living and breathing them, just as we all do.

As People Partner at SEAO, I thought I should delve a little deeper into our newest team member and get to know more about Stephanie Stewart…

Steph, what is your role within SEAO?

My role within SEAO is to lead the Candidate Support arm of the business. This involves partnering with candidates to ensure they get the best possible experience out of the candidate journey. I work with candidates to help them communicate their extensive experience and skills to potential employers by being an ambassador for them, matching them up with clients who will fit them perfectly. I help them with their preparation, give them interview and CV writing tips, coach them on putting together a solid LinkedIn profile and provide them with as much support as possible.

What has been your career history to date?

Upon leaving university I needed to conquer my fear of speaking on the phone so threw myself into a role working in a call centre for BT. After being on the phone for a short time I moved into assisting with the training of new recruits and upskilling existing workers which I found a passion for. I chose to enrol onto a graduate scheme with Enterprise to further develop these skills and a huge variety of others before finding my feet working for a national recruitment business for the last 3 and a half years. After deciding I wanted to make a move to a business with more to offer I started my search and began my role at SEAO at the end of April.  

So what attracted you to SEAO?

I was attracted to SEAO by their fantastically worded advert initially! It gave the impression of an energetic and fun place to be and after speaking to and interviewing with Heather and Sam I just loved the vision of the team and how they’re looking to shake up the recruitment industry.

Can you describe working at SEAO in 3 words?

Three words to describe working at SEAO are – vibrant, engaging and exciting.

What do you enjoy most about working in recruitment?

The part I enjoy most about working in recruitment is the ability to engage with a variety of people, all with different skillsets, experiences and opinions. It really is that human element that keeps it interesting and no two days are ever the same.

What has been your most valuable lesson learned throughout your career?

It would probably be the flipside to my favourite aspect of recruitment – the people and a lack of reliability. Understanding that people don’t always do what is expected of them was something I learnt early on in recruitment and it has ensured that I now take all of the possible reactions into consideration to find the best possible solution for everyone involved.

What are you most proud of, inside or outside of work?

I am most proud of my journey so far. To have found my niche in a world that can be difficult to navigate is a real achievement and to me, helping people change their lives for the better by guiding them to their perfect role is such a satisfying job that I can’t help but be a little proud about it. I love to help people and coach them, so this role is my dream role!

And finally, the question we're all eager to hear the answer to... What songs will you be adding to the SEAO office playlist?

My musical taste is a bit eclectic so I’d have include some of the legends, David Bowie & Queen but mix it up with some Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5 and Mumford and Sons.

We’re happy with that choice! If you’d like to get to know Stephanie even more, are looking for your next role or searching for top talent to join your business, then connect with her on LinkedIn or drop her an email.

So here we are, now a sixsome. Our values on the wall are realised. Our people are fantastic, and our tribe is strong!

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Laura Hodgson

Laura Hodgson

Executive Assistant & People Partner