Outsourced In-House Recruitment?!

On the back of our award win on Monday night (‘Small Business of the Year’ at the English Women’s Awards – North, in case you haven’t seen our earlier post) I thought I should reiterate exactly what it is that we do here at SEAO Talent Partners and why we LOVE doing it.

We provide outsourced in-house recruitment. But what is that I hear you say?!

Have you ever struggled to recruit because candidates don’t know who you are, what your business does, or what you are offering as an employer?

It’s important that candidates know who you are and what you can offer them, why should they choose you over your competitor? How do you become the employer of choice?

Well, we partner our clients to become part of their internal team, delving deep into the business to identify their USP’s as an employer, their internal culture and what their people really think of working there. From this we are able to identify a unique message to market and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and create an attractive employer brand.

We also help you market that brand, through your very own careers microsite on our SEAO website, our social media channels and your own branded portal on our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). 

The S in SEAO stands for Strategy and that allows us to complete a number of strategic projects for our clients, including but not limited to those in the diagram below:

And that is where the in-house bit really adds value. If your internal Recruitment/HR team aren’t already looking at all of the above for you then we really need to speak, as it’s not only imperative to growing your business, but also to enable you to take stock and make informed decisions going forward.

So all of this sounds great, yes? But we haven’t actually put any bums on seats yet and isn’t that what recruitment is?

In case you haven’t already noticed, we like to do things a bit differently here and we have different models to suit our individual clients, and indeed our individual candidates.

Our full End to End model (that’s the E in SEAO) sees us live and breath your careers brand as we create your job adverts, go out to market and engage with talent as YOUR recruitment team. Everything we do is client branded, we even pick up our telephones and speak to candidates as you! We will attend and represent you at recruitment fairs, networking events and expos and help you build your talent bank. We create and manage the journey of your candidates, helping to ensure that everyone of them, whether successful or not, leaves having had a positive experience and as a brand ambassador for your business. How do we know this – we measure it. We administer candidate surveys on your behalf and collate results to create a Recruitment Net Promoter Score, which we’ll use to help you make improvements or add to the careers brand message.

We also offer one-off placements for clients who may not be ready to invest in a fully retained strategic or end to end service.

This model gives you a dedicated Talent Acquisition Partner responsible for creating a fully branded advert which is posted to job boards, the SEAO website and our social media channels. We’ll conduct head-hunting exercises and proactive sourcing to find you the very best person for the role, and will provide a positive and consistent candidate journey, because word of mouth is a powerful thing! But we don’t leave you there, we can support hiring managers through the interview process, scheduling and conducting them with you, and will also take care of the referencing process on your behalf.

Our candidates are just as important to us as they are to you and we aim to partner them with as much passion as we do our clients. We’ve recently introduced our Candidate Support service, which allows us to really get to know the candidates in our talent bank and with our arsenal of innovative tools and techniques, promote them to potential employers and find their dream job.

We regularly send out candidate newsletters and really soon we’ll be launching a new candidate area on our website, which will host podcasts, hints and tips, blogs and of course current vacancies with our clients. So watch this space!

Next we come onto the A – Assessment Centres.

Assessment Centres are an opportunity for businesses to identify talented individuals through a focused selection day. They are an experience for both Hiring Managers and candidates and can be an inspiring first impression if carried out professionally with passion and creativity. Ideal for Graduate Schemes, Apprenticeships and internal development programmes, SEAO will take care of the whole process for you. We will write the advert (client branded of course) screen the candidates and send out the invitations. We’ll then organise and coordinate the whole day, meaning that all the hiring managers have to do is turn up and go through the process before making the final decision of who is the best person for the job. It really couldn’t be easier.

And then we have the O which is something different altogether!

Our Outplacement service allows us to support businesses through all business change, be it acquisitions, mergers, restructures or business closures.

It is important that any internal recruitment activity is impartial and so we will advertise, assess and select internal teams through a transparent, fair and consistent process.

Through our outplacement programme we can ensure that your people receive the support they require and deserve, and that really stays true to your company values. Our workshops include CV Writing, Networking, How and Where to Find you Next Opportunity, Creating an Action Plan, Interview Skills and Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile.

So that’s SEAO in a nutshell. It’s still unbelievable to us just how far we have come in the 8 months since our birth. Every day brings new opportunities and we are super grateful to all of our amazing clients that we’ve worked with so far, for allowing us to truly become a part of their teams. And to all of our fantastic candidates who really are the talent that make us all able to do what we love.

SEAO Talent Partners – we are your in-house recruitment team

If you would like any further information on any of our services or would like to discuss your recruitment needs, then please give us a call on 0191 211 1470 or email me kirsty@seao.co.uk

(Here’s a pic of Sam and Laura with our very first award, WINNERS!)

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Kirsty Lambert

Kirsty Lambert

Partnership Manager