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We've been travelling the world on our bikes for more than 20 years...

Here at Skedaddle we’re passionate about pedallin’ and as leading cycling holiday specialists in the UK, our aim is to deliver quality and fun journeys by bike. 

Over the years we’ve found amazing places, fascinating cultures, stunning landscapes and made lasting friendships… the list is endless. Why not come and join in the fun?

Where it all began

As you might expect we’ve got a few stories to tell, not to mention the one where we decided to do this trapped in a snowstorm on a mountain pass in Chile. As we, (Paul and Andrew – hello!) hunkered down together next to our bikes 4,000m up, we talked about the journey we’d been on, riding through a place instead of simply passing by.

And it’s this conversation, held in a mild frost-bitten peril, that led to us starting Saddle Skedaddle. Importantly, what inspired us all those years ago still inspires us today. That travel should move you and that there is no better way to meet a place properly – its people, its culture, its natural wonders – than by bike.

A bit about us

Based in The Cycle Hub, overlooking the Quayside and the Millennium Bridge Skedaddle is an independently run company with big aspirations to become one of the best loved holiday providers in the world. We’ve worked hard to establish a strong, recognisable brand, and can often be spotted in National Press, including the Telegraph and the Guardian.

A ‘family feel’ is a key part of the Skedaddle experience and our office-based team in Newcastle are a friendly bunch with plenty of international connections to boot. Take a peek at our canny people here.

How we act

With social significance

  • We value being part of something bigger.
  • We empathise and connect easily with others.
  • We are approachable and down to earth.

and excitement to explore

  • We are curious about our personal potential.
  • We seek out new experiences and test the limits of what’s possible.
  • We search for a better way and bring back ideas from unusual places.

you know ... loving life

  • Having fun frees us from the serious side of life.
  • Life is to be enjoyed, so we make the most of it when we can.
  • Joy is bound to living life fully.

Want to join our team?

We’re at a thrilling point of our journey as we prepare to expand our locations, our market and our team.

If you’re full of Skedaddleness and want to help us pedal towards our goal of being the best-loved cycling holiday company in the world, then take a look at our current opportunities to join the Skedaddle family below.

Careers line: +44 (0)191 250 9675

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