SEAO Talent Partners brings integrated approach to recruitment

One thing that is certain in today’s business climate is that change is the new constant, indicative of the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) world in which we operate.  It is no surprise then that recruitment continues to evolve in line with rapidly changing market dynamics and demands.

The traditional, transactional vendor model has been replaced with strategic talent partnerships, with recruiters developing Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) propositions as a more effective approach to securing talent for their clients.

In that regard Solutions Recruitment is no different, setting a compelling vision and mission built around partnership.  However, unlike their competitors, the leadership team were reticent to develop an RPO proposition prematurely.

“We have always prescribed to a partnership approach to recruitment but felt the evolving nature of talent and customer requirements required a greater level of integration” said Andrew Mears, director at Solutions Recruitment.

“We didn’t want to be a ‘me too’ business, so finding the right people, with the right mix of expertise to lead the right offering, was always our priority”.

The result is SEAO Talent Partners, a group of talent acquisition experts with over thirty years of cumulative in-house recruitment, business growth and change management experience from across all sizes of business and sector.

The brain child of its director, Sam Wall, SEAO Talent Partners is the culmination of a decade of work in the recruitment industry.

Sam said: “In the board at Solutions I have found a group of kindred spirits. They believe, like I do, an integrated talent partnership is much more than simply outsourcing a process.  We exist to enable our clients to thrive – from developing a robust talent strategy to executing a headcount expansion plan, we have the expertise to deliver it.”

Andrew added: “We are delighted to welcome SEAO Talent Partners to the Solutions family.  The value integrated partnership models offer to organisations is excellent and we expect this approach to continue to grow.”

Despite such approaches growing in prominence, Sam Wall believes traditional recruitment remains relevant.  “I fully expect the partnership model to work with, rather than replace traditional recruitment approaches. We should be evolving together to support changing client demands.”

What is clear is that the need for organisations to be agile and adaptable, ensuring their talent strategies remain relevant.  Those who don’t will fall behind their competition.


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SEAO Talent Partners

SEAO Talent Partners