At SEAO we partner all Recruitment needs from Strategic projects to managing the full
End to End candidate journey, designing and running Assessment Centres and
transitioning internal teams through Outplacement programmes.

We always work as a business’s brand to gain the relationships, brand recognition and
candidate talent banks to take your business to the next level.

“How do we manage all parts of your recruitment process?
One bit(e) at a time.”

As in-house talent experts we understand your recruitment cycle and how
important and sometimes limited, resources can be. Our insourcing, outsourcing
and partnership models are bespoke to your business need.


We join you to provide short to medium-term consultative support on strategic projects. 

We come into your business to provide consultation, review and recommendations which ensures your strategic recruitment approach is long term and self-sufficient.


We free up capacity within your internal teams by taking care of all (or some) of the recruitment processes within your recruitment cycle.

We manage your recruitment cycle and processes as your internal team, no matter your industry or size of business.


We can help you fill a one-off role or work with you on a full
recruitment campaign, all branded as your business.

The candidates are directly engaged with your brand which proves a valuable necessity for retention later in the employment journey.

We support established HR and recruitment teams as an extension to their capacity, and senior business leaders, owners at stakeholders in the design and implementation of their recruitment processes and procedures.

If you would like to discuss how we can support you, please contact our team.

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