assessment centres

Assessment Centres are an opportunity for businesses to identify talented individuals through a focused selection day.  They are an experience for both Hiring Managers and candidates and can be an inspiring first impression if carried out professionally with passion and creativity.

Venue booking and coordination

All candidate attraction, screening and preparation

Full scheduling of the day including design and facilitation of exercises and activities

Hiring Manager briefing

Candidate briefing

All materials throughout the day

Candidate scoring

After event wrap up

Candidate offers and feedback

Candidate check in

Outsourced Graduate Recruitment

Outsourced Apprenticeship Recruitment

Internal Development Programmes

Sam and I have worked really closely together in the past. She was very much part of the Operations team and allowed us to have a focused and proactive bench strength of talent coming through.

She built our recruitment department and team whilst managing a large merger of two very different cultures and high churn rates.
Barry Gifford
CEO at Day 8 - The Yacht Week - The Ski Week - Fort George

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We partner you to create your strategic approach to talent acquisition – this centres around designing and implementing the latest processes and procedures in a way that suits your company culture.

End-to-End Recruitment

We become your branded, outsourced talent acquisition team, handling every single aspect of the process from beginning to end.


We’ll help outgoing team members find their feet with our trusted outplacement services. We will also support you to ensure any internal selection process is fair, consistent and transparent.