Recruitment Insourcing is when a company invites an external provider into the business to review, recommend, implement and advise on recruitment process, procedures and initiatives.

Current Strategic Reviews

Our senior team will partner you to gain knowledge on your current recruitment strategy, processes, capacity and budgets to make recommendations to support business objectives and company values, processes and procedures.


Identifying company values and how to embed them into your current workforce and utilise them to attract and retain future talent.

Behaviours and Culture

Recommending concepts which establish the unique Employer Value Proposition (EVP) of your business and strengthening the employer voice to utilise in attraction campaigns.

Careers Branding

Maximising on your USP’s as a business to build an attractive employer profile and develop a unique message to market, whilst exploring and recommending activity and opportunities in relation to increasing market share against competitors and becoming an employer of choice.

Creation of Recruitment Process

Reviewing the effectiveness of your current processes or designing and implementing new processes and ways of working through best practice, to ensure efficiencies and consistency.

Internal Talent Support

Supporting the review and engagement of internal team members to identify skills, capacity, job specifications, gaps and future organisational charts.

Attraction and Assessment Templates

Designing a suite of templates tailored to your business, fit for purpose and ready to use throughout your recruitment and selection process.

Competitor Research and Recommendations

Identifying your competitors in terms of talent, how their offering compares to yours and how to achieve the leading edge when competing for talent.

On-boarding and Retention

Designing an onboarding process to ensure that new hires remain engaged after appointment and continuing a consistent candidate journey through the 30 day and 60 day mark

Why Insource?

As in-house experts we know that in-house recruitment is not just about transactional processes and filling vacant roles. It’s also about the bigger picture – at SEAO we partner our clients as an extension to their business, working with internal leadership teams to achieve business goals through people.


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Dedicated Talent Advisor

Expert strategic skills and experience

Onsite support when required

Fully reviewed and advised Careers brand

Increased talent engagement

Values, behaviours and cultural based recruitment

Short to medium term strategic support


Not attracting the volume or quality of candidates

New hires leaving within 60 days

Candidates not proactively approaching
the business

Stagnant or inconsistent recruitment processes

Internal employee voice is not loud enough

Business has changed – recruitment needs to catch up

Reviewing, designing and implementing your ways of working and becoming an Employer of Choice



The benefits of insourcing

Allowing a professional and insightful strategic recruitment team to join you can bring a number of benefits including:

  • An attractive and engaging Careers brand with a defined message to market, which delivers candidates to you
  • Robust, fit for purpose people processes, procedures and initiatives developed through best practice
  • Cost reduction due to appointments reducing in Time to Hire
  • Engaged internal talent with clearly defined roles and routes for progression
  • Recommendation of selection materials eg interview templates and full Assessment Centre design
  • The creation of internal brand ambassadors to promote the business as a good place to work
  • Reduced levels of employee turnover
  • Design and implementation of a consistent candidate journey which contributes to your reputation as an Employer of Choice
  • The design and implementation of a recruitment service, enabling the business to become self-sufficient in talent acquisition and management

Through effective and creative careers branding campaigns you will also improve your following and visualisation of your products and services. With a fully thought out candidate journey from attraction to onboarding, the effects are an increase in the quality of talent, brand interest, engagement and retention levels of those successfully appointed.