Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is when a company transfers all or part of its permanent recruitment to an external provider.


 Managing your complete candidate journey from attraction to onboarding.

Reference and Security Checking

Performing the relevant checks on your behalf, as if we were sat inside of your business.

Careers Social Media Presence

Promoting all things talent related, whether internal or regarding recruitment, through your business social media channels as well as SEAO’s platforms to reach an extended audience.

Technology and Systems

Utilising SEAO’s access to cutting edge recruitment technologies and systems within your process to ensure efficiencies and quality of candidates.

Assessment Centres

Designing, coordinating and delivering assessment centres branded as and on behalf of your business, including ensuring hiring manager buy-in and full support on the day.

PSL Management and Invoicing

Managing your agency preferred supplier list and invoicing, ensuring that recruiters are aware of and understand your message to market and proposition when attracting and engaging candidates.

Recruitment Analytics

Measuring and analysing recruitment activity and providing relevant management information to enable senior leaders to make informed business decisions.

Graduate and Apprentice Campaigns

Targeted recruitment campaigns specifically designed to attract and engage Graduates and Apprentices, including representing your business at careers fairs and engaging with universities and learning providers on your behalf, whilst maintaining a consistent message.

Exit Interviews

Conducting exit interviews with leavers on behalf of your business and feeding the information and impact back to your management team.

Outplacement Support

Delivering a full outplacement programme through a selection of workshops and additional support for individuals and groups, to enable them to leave the business whilst still feeling valued and in the best position to move on.

Stakeholder Management

Working on-site to ensure recruitment advice, guidance and support is available as and when you need it.

Why Outsource?

We are in-house experts who partner internal recruitment teams to free up valuable resources.


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Dedicated Talent Partner

Onsite support (if required)

Additional Capacity

Sharing of skills and experience

 No additional headcount 

Forecastable costings

Efficiencies, effectiveness and consistencies


Roles taking too long to fill

Inconsistent candidate journey

New hires retention low

Speculative enquiries low

Number of candidates interested in roles low

Hiring Manager engagement dwindling

HR/Recruitment stretched

Lack of MI to make business decisions

Candidate drop offs high

Attracted, engaged, compliant and retained talent



The benefits of outsourcing

Allowing a professional and insightful recruitment team to partner with you can bring a number of benefits including:

  • Reduced Time to Hire
  • Higher quality of talent due to increased capacity for candidate comparison and volume of sources used
  • Increased support for Hiring Manager engagement
  • Enhanced candidate engagement
  • Scalable model depending on business need
  • Recruitment process consistency
  • Capacity support for Selection days eg Assessment Centres and interviews
  • Retention focus
  • Talent banking
  • Managing effective message to market
  • Analytics and reporting for business decisions

Outsourcing all or part of your recruitment process to an external provider frees up capacity within your internal teams, allowing them to concentrate on strategy and value added activity. SEAO perform the outsourced tasks on your behalf, as if we were part of your business, ensuring the process is seamless and always with a common goal in mind.