A Recruitment Partnership is when a company works equally with an external Recruitment business to source, attract and engage top talent in a client branded way.

One-off Vacancies

Working in partnership to recruit an ad-hoc role within your business through SEAO’s transparent and engaging process.

Recruitment Campaigns

Campaigns designed around the frequency of your recruitment based on talent requirements throughout your busiest periods or in relation to the growth plans of your business.

Graduate Recruitment

Working in partnership to proactively source and engage graduates with the values and behaviours that fit your business.

Apprentice Recruitment

Working in partnership to proactively source and engage apprentices with the values and behaviours that fit your business.

Volume Roles

Recruiting for more than one of the same role within your business at the same time.

Multiple Roles

Recruiting for various roles within your business at the same time.

Why partner?

Our dedicated talent partners work with you to attract, engage and place quality talent within your business, leading with your brand, message to market, values and culture.


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Dedicated Talent Partner

Dedicated focus on attraction and engagement of candidates

Proactive sourcing and headhunting

Promotion of the company brand

Use of SEAO job board and attraction credits

Values, behaviours and cultural based screening

Market feedback and insight


Lack of candidates and interest in specific roles or  recruitment campaigns

Roles remain unfilled

Candidate comparisons are limited

Not gaining the right values, skills and behaviours in applications

Promotion of the company’s Careers brand and successful appointment of individuals with skills, values and behaviours for long term retention 



The benefits of partnering

Allowing a professional and insightful Talent Partner to work collaboratively with you can bring a number of benefits including:

  • Increased capacity within your internal teams and hiring managers
  • Expert recruitment and talent advice, guidance and support
  • Cost reduction due to appointments reducing in Time to Hire
  • Access to multiple job boards,  proactive search and SEAO’s substantial talent bank of pre-qualified candidates
  • Increased on-line presence and promotion of Careers brand
  • Retention focus
  • Articulating and gaining engagement with the company’s Careers message to market
  • Enhanced candidate engagement within a candidate journey, from attraction to onboarding
  • Delivery of top quality talent into the recruitment process

Through an experienced and fully managed Recruitment campaign you will also improve your following and retention of the right individuals. With a fully supported and business branded candidate journey the effects are an increase in the quality and volume of talent, brand interest, engagement and retention levels of those successfully appointed.