So what is an outsourced recruitment solutions provider anyway?

We have already covered what is unique about SEAO Talent Partners – the sweats of remotely looking to be selling SEAO have now passed, phew! – so I think it’s now important to write about what we actually do and the difference between traditional ‘placement focused’ recruitment and professional outsourced partnerships.

Commonly the term “Outsourced Recruitment” is associated with a fluffy and undefined service where recruitment businesses may say they can help you with all types of recruitment ‘stuff’.

Definitely when I was Head of Talent Acquisition internally, I was approached by outsourced recruitment providers and I left most meetings not exactly knowing what benefit they could provide to my already skilled and highly competent recruitment team.

So why SEAO?

Naming SEAO – SEAO – was an exact way for us to eliminate any fluffy doubt.  Using the letters for our outsourced solutions allows us to define and articulate exactly what a candidate and client can expect from our business.


Strategy – we are senior in-house professionals and know exactly what is required to tie a people/talent strategy into the business strategy.  We can therefore evaluate current processes, procedures, branding, EVP, message to market, job boards, forecasting, key metrics, succession planning, internal talent, graduate and apprenticeship needs – and recommend and design strategies to support a business to grow.  We do this onsite and as part of the business.  We speak to the teams – we engage – we understand the direction of travel, and then get 100% involved in any design and implementation.



End to End Recruitment – we fully manage the full recruitment cycle as your brand.  We will work on the organisational charts, job descriptions, adverts, release all roles on the appropriate attraction sources, proactively source, screen, shortlist, arrange and support with interviews, design and implement role specific assessment tools, offer, regret and all candidate communications.




Assessment Centres – we will create, promote, screen and select, prepare and run assessment centres as your brand.  From graduates to apprentices, from internal development programmes to volume roles and talent banking – we would ensure the Hiring Managers and candidates have a creative, engaging and professional experience.




Outplacement Support – we will work as your internal talent team and ensure individuals effected by change are supported in the very best way possible.  Should it be a business restructuring, downsizing, an office closure or a relocation – we offer workshops and one-to-ones to ensure individuals are able to take stock of their experience and CV, explore with confidence internal and external opportunities, and understand how they best promote themselves to the outside world.  We would also work with Senior Stakeholders to promote objective and transparent appointments in restructures – based on skill rather than personal preference.



What types of businesses would befit the outsource recruitment model?

For me, fully outsourcing your recruitment strategy, your full candidate journey, having someone represent and coordinate your assessment centres and provide you with any outplacement support – can benefit almost all businesses.

Should it be a new start up or a business on the growth trajectory, it’s an agile and flexible solution able to provide you with a fully experienced team without the overhead costs and the permanent commitment.

For a business with a HR team, outsourcing recruitment would give specialist, focused capacity.  It will allow the HR or People team to focus generalist priorities and work with a team of in-house professionals as their extended arm.  We will report like the business, speak on behalf of the business/brand and fulfil the forecasted recruitment requirements with commitment and focus.

For the company with a Recruitment team, outsourcing gains additional capacity for specific projects such as recruitment and selection of Apprenticeships, Graduates, Internal Development programmes, bench strength pipeline and volume roles.

For the Stakeholder going through change, outsourcing your outplacement will ease the pressures of giving every potentially effected individual the time and support they deserve.  We will carry through your company values, give them objective and experience provoking advice.


What’s the Return on Investment of an outsourced model?

Allowing a professional and insightful recruitment team to partner with you, will allow you to look at all key metrics – time to fill, cost per hire, salary benchmarking, attraction source ROI, competitor analysis and market share.  Through effective and creative career branding campaigns you will also improve your following and visualisation of your products and services. With a fully thought out candidate journey from attraction to onboarding, the effects are an increase in the quality of talent, brand interest, engagement and retention levels of those successfully appointed.

So now that’s clear, get in touch for a free diagnostic to establish if SEAO can add value to your business with our outsourced recruitment solutions.

SEAO Talent Partners – we are your in-house recruitment team

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Sam Wall

Sam Wall

Founder and Director