We keep shouting about how unique we think we are – so what is it that actually make us different from a traditional recruitment agency?

Over the past few months I have been banging on about the difference SEAO brings to the external recruitment market. My Relationship Manager made a super point (while we sat around the kitchen table on our Christmas family holiday in the Lakes)…

How do we effectively articulate the benefits to the client?

We promote that we are in-house professionals, we promote we are a rare breed to have come out of senior internal recruitment roles to service selected clients and we promote a range of services which are different to any other recruitment business (Strategy, End to end, Assessment centres, Outplacement support) – but so what? What does this solve for the businesses engaging with us?

So I write this blog to answer that question…I’m not going to get into sales mode (as the very thought sends me into the sweats) and I’m not going to make it long winded to justify our existence – I am going to instead state only the facts.  I chose 11 facts as we have 11 dots in our logo for the number of children between us, and we try to measure everything in this way within SEAO.

  1. We don’t just place great talent – we offer strategic support, fully managed solutions, the coordination, attraction and facilitation of assessment centres, and we provide individual outplacement support (CV workshops, interview techniques…)
  2. We see the bigger picture – talent acquisition is more than just putting an advert out and gaining a new team member. We know the importance of building a culture, improving engagement levels, succession plans and selecting those for internal development.
  3. Experience – we are all in-house recruitment professionals so we can step into a Boardroom situation and work with all levels of Hiring Managers.
  4. We are your brand – we answer the phone as your business, we attend job fairs as you, we speak with candidates only about you. All of the candidates that come through from your branded advert are yours and yours only.
  5. We design a creative and innovated careers brand – this will sell your product and/or services. Your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) will demonstrate how you recruit and support your people and will set you apart from your competitors.
  6. Top quality talent – we have attracted, screened, assessed and selected thousands of candidates over the years and we know what good quality looks like.
  7. Headcount budgets – we will work as your personal in-house recruitment team, but without the commitment of overheads and specific hours that come with a permanent appointed team member.
  8. Flexibility – we can be plugged in when you need us. From capacity support, to leading specific recruitment projects, and supporting with strategic talent planning for the next financial year – we can step in and step out.
  9. Cost effective – our Partnership Agreements are bespoke and focused on added value. As your in-house recruitment team our pricing is per day for strategic support, monthly subscription for on call and onsite presence, per campaign for assessment centres and per team member for outplacement support.
  10. Stats and data to enable you to make informed business decisions – we know the importance of knowing all the facts and will provide you with a customised dashboard with everything you need to know.
  11. We relieve the pressure – as we will be with you from the beginning of the project, campaign or initiative, we are responsible. We will take full accountability for progress and partner the business to achieve deadlines, expectations and required outcomes.

The placement of a talented individual is the outcome of a recruitment strategy – it’s the creation of the process, the candidate journey, the links to engagement, building a culture to ensure your business thrives, linking people to business objectives and creating the EVP which businesses need. And this is where we add the value.

So I am hopeful this will answer the question… that this will provide insight into the reality that SEAO is indeed unique.

SEAO is here – as your in-house recruitment team.

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Sam Wall

Sam Wall

Founder and Director