Would you book a holiday without doing your research? Well, recruitment is exactly the same…

Everyone knows that most things don’t just happen. You have to plan, work at it, put everything into it and in most cases… own it! For instance, you wouldn’t say to a car salesman ‘I am looking for a car’ and then be happy to part with your well-earned cash purely on his/her options. Likewise, you wouldn’t necessarily go into a restaurant and ask the waiting team to bring you out what they think you might fancy for dinner.

It’s the same concept for Recruitment.

Therefore, what makes us think that we can pop an advert out on a job board and ta-da! – the ideal candidate pops into our inbox, all shiny and new…and absolutely amazing!!

There may well be occasional instances where that happens, and if it does…fabulous. However, in most cases the preparation to get to advert stage is essential. A number of things need to be considered; is the job description (which supports you to write the advert) fit for purpose, what are you trying to achieve with this new hire from a cultural perspective, what will the advert do to represent your service or product perception, and what do you want people to say about your business when they read your creative and inspiring ad?

This is even more important for a new start-up or a growing business ready to set out on their talent acquisition journey. In a start-up situation – the foundations are essential to invest in and the recruitment process is usually the first step in creating your people plan, creating your working environment and embedding your vision and company values.

So take the time to plan…and be smart.

After all, do you really want to go back to the start and look at the templates all over again once your business is up and running and your head needs to be focused on other things?

My recommendations would be to start with your Talent Strategy:

  • Use this exercise to establish your ‘careers’ brand – how does this complement your product or services brand?
  • Are you competitive? Do the people and skills you seek exist? What are your USP’s over your competitors seeking the same individuals? How do you tie in your values, culture and vision?
  • Establish the recruitment process – the candidate journey after receiving the application is imperative. How do you live your values, how do you engage with even the unsuccessful candidates which will leave them positive and wanting to spread your brand message?
  • How does succession planning, graduate and apprenticeships schemes factor into your people plan and how does this tie in with any required recruitment?

Think, take a little time (I know myself the importance of time when setting up a business) but make it right from day one. Recruitment is an opportunity to get your new business out there – almost as a marketing exercise for your brand.

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Sam Wall

Sam Wall

Founder and Director